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SYMPOSIUM: Tuesday, September 22nd.
5:00pm – 6:30pm
Annenberg Theater, Palm Springs Art Museum


Panelists: Jenna Close, Matt Rainwaters, Cara Robbins, and Jen Lamping

Moderator: Marianne Lee, ASMP National Chair

The industry is changing and we keep hearing about it day after day. What are photographers looking forward to? What kind of opportunities are presenting themselves? How can we align ourselves to better adapt to the unknown?

The American Society of Media Photographers and The Ernest Brooks Foundation have put together a panel of diverse talent to discuss the opportunities they currently experience and to daydream about what opportunities they could face in the future.

Jenna Close has recently rebranded in order to align her work with her goals and values. She took a big chance redirecting and growing her company, and she’ll bring insight into what led to this decision and what she’s hoping for with this new direction. Her storytelling focuses on companies that are taking a stand and doing good. We’ll get her to talk about what that means for the future and what opportunities she sees for companies that are interested in her work.

Matt Rainwaters began his career with an affinity for Walker Evans, Robert Frank, and Dorothea Lange, his work still reflects this, especially in his video work. We’ll ask Matt how he sees the importance of documenting everyday lives of Americans and how that affects the work that he sees himself doing in the next few years.

Cara Robbins is a Los Angeles-based portrait and lifestyle photographer whose images are full of color, personality and graphic elements. We’ll talk about her style; how it got there and where its going, as well as opportunities she sees for color filled work in the future.

Our panel is rounded out by Jen Lamping, VP / Director of Art Production at RPA Advertising. Jen has been working in Art Production and creating amazing content for big brands for over 15 years. She’s skilled in knowing where a brand is coming from, what they’re looking for, and where they’re going. She’s also had the opportunity to work with a lot of content creators, so she’ll bring the perspective of art production to our conversation.

All of our panelists are constantly adjusting their business practices to adapt to the constant change of our industry. The event will be moderated by ASMP’s National Board Chair, Marianne Lee. Her experience as the National Chair gives her the opportunity to have her finger on the pulse of photographers across the country. Join us for a lively conversation and a little daydreaming about what’s next for our creative industry.



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Jenna Close
Jenna Close is an award-winning commercial photographer and filmmaker from San Diego, California. As the Director of Photography at Buck the Cubicle, her work focuses on contemporary conceptual storytelling for trailblazing humans and purpose driven brands. Buck the Cubicle has created branded, visual content for: NBC, Swarovski, Sunpower, The Sierra Club, and Rotary International. Jenna and her work has been featured in the 2018 PDN Photo Annual, National Geographic Short Film Festival, and the Discovery Channel. Jenna is also the Past-Chair of the National Board of ASMP. As the youngest female Chair in the history of the organization, she has spoken across the country for ASMP and WPPI, and recently testified before Congress in support of The CASE Act. In her spare time she enjoys surfing, playing cornhole and backpacking solo around the world.

Cara Robbins
Whether focused on an artist, model, entertainer, or friend, Cara Robbins’ photos aim to bridge the gap between subject and camera. Cara graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography and is based in Los Angeles, where she works primarily in commercial portraiture and lifestyle photography. Her images are intimate, thoughtful, and distinctly personal — a true and honest reflection of both the person and the moment they’re captured in.

Jen Lamping
Jennifer Lamping is VP / Director of Art Production at Rubin, Postaer, and Associates (RPA) in Los Angeles. From the time she graduated from the University of Michigan (Go Blue!), she’s built her career around working with artists in different facets of the business – from her time spent at The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), to an artist rep at Giant Artists, to production at TBWA\Chiat\Day, Saatchi & Saatchi, and now RPA. In addition to elevating and evolving Art Production, she strives to cultivate a more creative and inspiring work environment by founding GALLERY 2525, an in-house art gallery at RPA that showcases a variety of local and world-renowned artists, as well as an artist speaker series called, ART TALKS.

Matt Rainwaters
The book that changed it all for me was a TimeLife photo book titled Documentary Photography. All at once I was exposed to Robert Frank, Walker Evans, Garry Winogrand, Diane Arbus, Lee Friedlander and Dorothea Lange. That same year Thin Red Line was in theaters next to Saving Private Ryan and my mind was blown. I went to photo school in Santa Barbara. I taught high school photography in central LA. I moved to Texas and worked as an editorial shooter for some of my favorite magazines. I started directing short docs then commercials. Now here we are.