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Eddie Redmayne (Forest), 2016

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From having his photographs chosen for the permanent collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, to publishing four books on his photography, Matt will offer a selection of imagery from his journey from illustrator to photographer to filmmaker—and how these different tools in the same hand can bestow great challenge and even greater fulfillment.

Sharing stories from photojournalism assignments in Texas Prisons, abortion clinics, AIDS Hospice, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Belfast, Matt will also explore his transition from photography to filmmaking to direct, shoot, and edit over 175 music videos for U2, Tom Waits, Tracy Chapman, Metallica, Lou Reed, Ice T, Joni Mitchell, and David Byrne—as well as a documentary premiered at Sundance Film Festival and two feature films he wrote and directed.

Through a forty year career, Matt will focus on the importance of remaining relevant as a creative force in the demanding world of making a living by making art.

Whether an aspiring artist or experienced professional, the lecture will offer insight and inspiration into the practical tools and philosophical concepts essential to pursuing a passion with purpose.

Matt will also introduce The Imagemaker’s Handbook, his five volume, 2000 page exploration of life as a creative professional to be released in late 2021.


Acclaimed for her contemporary depictions, Kuhn is considered a leading artist in the world of figurative discourse.  Throughout a career spanning more than twenty years, the underlying theme of her work is her reflection on humanity’s longing for spiritual connection and solidarity. As she solidified her photographic style, Kuhn created a notable approach to the nude by developing friendships with her subjects, and employing a range of playful visual strategies that use natural light and minimalist settings to evoke a sublime sense of comfort between the human figure and its environment. Her work is natural, restful, and a reinterpretation of the nude in the canon of contemporary art. 

Mona Kuhn’s first monograph, Photographs, was debuted by Steidl in 2004; followed by Evidence (2007), Native (2010), 
Bordeaux Series (2011), Private (2014), and She Disappeared into Complete Silence (2018/19).  In addition, Kuhn’s monograph titled Bushes and Succulents has been published by Stanley/Barker Editions, with a debut at Jeu de Paume in Paris, in 2019.  A stunning career retrospective of Mona Kuhn’s works has been published by Thames & Hudson, Spring 2021. Kuhn’s forthcoming publication Kings Road, will be published and released by Steid this Fall 2021.


“I believe that to be distinctive, inspiring and innovative, requires that I put every ounce of energy into the projects awarded to our team. I draw upon my experiences as a teacher and a team player to plan better, problem solve smarter and push myself, the talent and crew to deliver the very best performances possible. Success is the cumulative effort of all the little things along the way that make the work great. I am still climbing, scratching and clawing my way towards being my very best. I still approach every opportunity to make images both moving and still with the same passion as my very first assignment. The craft of creating is never lost on me. Today I am the best version of myself – I’ve evolved into a producer, director, writer and photographer, a true visual communicator. I am leveraging all the lessons l learned to make shrewder choices, be more efficient, and amplify my effectiveness to communicate.”  – Tim Tadder

Tim Tadder will discuss his highly original and remarkable personal work as well as his commercial work in this lecture. Don’t miss this one!


In this lecture, the remarkable imagemaker and fine art photographer will take questions from the audience as he presents work that speak to the questions themselves.

Please send your questions to response AT Palmspringsphotofestival.com with the word NADAV in the subject line. We’ll try to answer as many questions as possible. If we will be able to answer your question, we’ll turn on your video / audio to enable you to ask the question to Nadav directly on the webcast.

Because Nadav is in London, we’ll be pre-recording this webcast for broadcast at the hour of our Evening Presentations. Therefore there are two times listed. If you would like to participate in the Q&A please plan to join the earlier conversation (we’ll be posting links to the conversation prior to the event).

April 29:  9:00am  PDT      Recording Live 

April 29:  6:30pm  PDT      Re-Broadcast in our Evening Presentation