Our 2021 Portfolio Review will be held virtually via Zoom. 

You will receive a series of emails from us during the week of April 5th with instructions. The email will contain links that you will use to arrive at your portfolio review meetings via Zoom. You will be able to share your screen and allow the reviewer to control your mouse in Zoom while they review your work (PDF). This is as close to an in-person experience as is possible within the constraints of the Covid-19 Pandemic reality.

Reviews are purchased in blocks of six. The price for 6 reviews is $480. There is a 10% discount (not combinable with other discounts) that is applied when 12 or more reviews are purchased.

All reviews are listed in PACIFIC STANDARD TIME

Pre-registered attendees in our review program will receive several emails in mid-April with instructions for selecting and prioritizing their reviewers on our deadline of Friday April 9th. In this way, no one has an advantage over anyone else. Everyone’s choices are treated equally. 

We will use our best efforts to guarantee at least three of every five reviewer choices (for 12 or more reviews, minimum of two day’s attendance is required). 

For those we can’t allocate (unlikely), we will assign reviews from a list you will provide of your alternate reviewer choices or assign you “like” affiliation reviewers. In other words, if the last two choices are from the Editorial affiliation, we’ll use our best efforts to assign other magazine photo editors or art directors from the same or a similar magazine category if we can’t assign those selected. In addition, each morning beginning at 8:30 am, at the Festival Portfolio Review desk, attendees will be able to register for the reviews of their choice from those remaining if any.

Reviews are by appointment only. Additional reviews each may be purchased upon request onsite. Attendees should be present in our waiting area at least 15 minutes before reviews. We reserve the option to allow others to take the review on a first-come basis if attendees are not in the waiting area three minutes before the review is scheduled to begin.

Our review blocks are scheduled Monday, April 26th – Thursday, April 29th as follows:

Block One: 9:00am – 11:25am [five 20-minute review segments]

Block Two: 11:40am – 2:05pm [five 20-minute review segments]

Block Three 2:20pm – 4:45pm [six 20-minute segments]

Because of the time-sensitive nature of reserving portfolio reviews, we can only refund 100% of your registration fees until midnight, April 10th. After April 10th, no refunds will be made.