CHERYL WALSH: Photographing People Underwater

(c) Cheryl Walsh 2021


Monday, April 26th, 2021:  1:00pm – 4:00pm

Anyone who has tried underwater photography knows that it’s far more challenging than it looks. If photography is an art and a science, then underwater photography is an art, a science and a science. Photographer Cheryl Walsh has spent the past 12 years conquering the science of swimming pool-based underwater fine art portrait photography. Her mastery of the science allows her to express her own unique artistic vision.


Join award winning, underwater, fine art, portrait photographer, Cheryl Walsh, for a look into her process photographing people underwater.  She will share her philosophies on the art and science of underwater photography and the importance of addressing both before ever entering the water.

The class will consist of planning out an entire project from inception of idea to final printed photograph.  Attendees will be able to view pre-recorded films of behind the scenes as the shoot progresses from multiple camera points of view. Cheryl will give live commentary.  From poolside watch as Cheryl prepares her camera equipment, lighting, and pool for the shoot.  Listen in as she talks her model through styling and posing during a shoot and hear her model give tips on underwater modeling.  See how she lights her models and dramatically changes the look of her photos with simple changes. 

View her RAW files, all the layers of a fully edited image, and discuss the importance of paper choice before seeing the final print. 

There will be time at the end of the course for a question and answer period. 

We will cover the following:

  1. Art – Concept, shoot planning, models, styling

  2. Science – Safety, pool prep, working in an ever changing environment

  3. Essential elements of a successful shoot – camera equipment, backgrounds, lighting

  4. Post processing – Adobe Lightroom to Photoshop

  5. The final Print – printer, paper choices, selling prints 

Q&A will take place during and following the live and pre-recorded segments of the class for attendees. 


PRICE:  $285

Plus $25 Admin Fee for each day of attendance (not per class).

Cheryl Walsh is sponsored by Canson Infinity. Click this link to receive a free, 2-sheet sample pack of paper (North America only).



In an overwhelmingly chaotic world, Southern California based underwater fine art portrait artist Cheryl Walsh finds her inspiration in an atmosphere of peaceful solitude. In the depths of her underwater studio, she works with the quiet currents that slow down time, bring vibrancy to colors, and leave her subjects virtually weightless. The liquid atmosphere, invisible but ever present in the reflection on the water’s surface, is a mirroring of the duality that personifies life. Her underwater portrait fine art photography is described alternately as old-world painterly and photo-realistic, traditional and surreal. Combining the science of working underwater with the art of photography, she utilizes vintage and avant-garde fashion on dancers, models and clients to tell a deliberate story in each of her fine art series. Cheryl has won over 60 WPPI Print and Image Competition Awards including 11 Gold, maintaining full control over all her fine art prints by printing them herself on her Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-4000 on Canson Infinity fine art papers in sizes up to 44×64 inch.