Michael DeStefano: Night Sky & Astrophotography: A Primer

(c) Michael DeStefano 2021


Tuesday, April 27th, 1:00pm – 4:00pm PDT

A workshop primer on Night Sky, and Astrophotography for beginner and experienced photographers. Learn to capture star trails, the Milky Way, and general night sky photography in your own backyard or anywhere in the world. 

The workshop is a mixture of pre-recorded clips from multiple cameras that attendees will be able to select, on location shooting astrophotography in a dark sky location, and live discussion of techniques and gear used. This will be an excellent introduction to night photography for those interested in capturing the Milky Way with their existing photography equipment as well as looking at more advanced gear and tools for experienced photographers. 

By attending this Astrophotography workshop you will learn the fundamental knowledge and techniques needed to capture beautiful and amazing night sky photography. You will be given the opportunity to take your night photography to the next level by learning how to prepare for and find dark sky locations anywhere. Get demonstrations on using star tracking mounts, astro filters, and other popular tools used in astrophotography. 

Finally we will discuss different editing practices to get more out of your images using various editing software and capturing techniques like stacking and foreground and background compositions. 

Topics that will be covered:
Scouting/Planning using mobile Apps
Camera modes and basic principles
How to use “the 500 rule”
Focusing at night
Optimal and advanced equipment
How to use star tracking mounts
Various techniques for capturing night pictures
Light painting and creative lighting
Landscape and foreground compositions 

Q&A will take place during and following the live and pre-recorded segments of the class for attendees. 

PRICE: $285


Plus $25 Admin Fee for each day of attendance (not per class).


Michael Destefano is a Boston based Outdoor Lifestyle Photographer, Astrophotographer and writer specializing in commercial and editorial work that combines his love of the outdoors with adventure sports. He creates beautiful, often environmentally-based images that capture both the subject and surroundings to tell a deeper story.




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