MIRANDA PENN TURIN: Concept to Delivery – Planning, Collaborating and Honing Your Vision to Deliver the Shoot You Imagine

©Miranda Penn Turin, 2021


Tuesday, April 27th, 1:00pm – 4:00pm (could possibly run longer)

Do you wish you had more connection with your subjects? Wish you could motivate and inspire subjects to try anything, work hard and become your collaborators in the creative process?

Would you like the idea of watching Miranda Penn Turin photograph her models in studio? Would you like to watch the proceedings from your choice of multiple camera angles? Live?

Working with models, actors and other subjects, whether in studio or on location, requires planning and and compiling inspiration to successfully bring out poses and expressions that convey emotions in striking compositions. This makes the difference between normal, banal photographs and those we can’t forget.

Drawing from her 30-plus years as a successful freelance photographer, Miranda Penn Turin will take students through her process of producing a shoot from conception to delivery. This will include developing a concept, collaborating with creative partners, the live shoot itself via Zoom (which will include a detailed lighting breakdown) and a short discussion about deliverables and clients’ needs. Miranda will take Q&A during and after the shooting. 

Miranda Penn Turin, award winning photographer and director, will execute a series of images in the famous EDGE.LA studios with her attendees present remotely. You’ll hear her and see her from setting up her gear to interacting with her subjects, assistants and hair and make-up people. You’ll see her edit the shooting and make her selects and even some of the post she applies. You’ll be sharing her screen!


PRICE:  $325

PRICE: $165 (Observer Only Q & A not included)

Plus $25 Admin Fee for each day of attendance (not per class).






Miranda Penn Turin is a freelance photographer and director who has been specializing in portraiture, fashion and beauty for over thirty years. She was born in Boston, Massachusetts and splits her time between New York and LA – she shoots all over the world and is grateful to have the best crew on the planet.
She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in creative writing, but her passion for photography overrode her major. In her summer breaks she interned with Boston photographers and began assisting once she graduated. She still considers assisting the greatest photographic education she could possibly get and feels that this step is essential to truly hone one’s skill and knowhow. Her best advice for any young photographer is just that – assist, assist, assist.
Miranda’s intention when she shoots is to reveal the epic, whatever the subject. She still shoots film whenever she can, loves her 30-year old Nikon FE2 and her Calumet 4×5. She has, however, embraced the digital and loves the formidable reciprocity and range of this generation of cameras. Her clients include Coty, Max Factor, Sony, Universal, Bloomingdales, Fox, Warner Bros. Records, Converse, Conde Nast, the Four Seasons, Chase, MTV and many others.
She is currently working with Voices4Freedom, a humanitarian organization committed to abolishing human trafficking all over the world. Her images of the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu provide the cover art for The Book of Joy, which spent 37 weeks on the New York Times top fifteen bestseller list. A writer as well, she just completed her first novel.


Miranda Penn Turin