THOMAS HOLM: The Fine Art Nude in the Studio

© Thomas Holm 2021


Thursday, April 29, 9:00am – 12:00pm.

Thomas Holm has an extraordinary eye for beauty and will go to the ends of the earth to find the perfect locations to create his art. Bringing his decades of experience as a top commercial photographer in Copenhagen to the task, he creates timeless nudes that speak to his respect and love for women and nature.

In this extraordinary workshop, Holm, will reveal his process, discuss and show his methods and inspirations including psychology on how to make images that the human brain can’t help looking at, images that demand your attention.

This is a virtual class in which Thomas will execute a series of his trademark nudes in his Copenhagen studio using multiple cameras. Attendees will be able to switch between views at will to better watch the process. He will be discussing his process as he works, and after the shoot, you’ll see his screen as he edits the work and applies some of his post processing to present a rough version of his final image.


De bedste hilsner / Best regards
Thomas Holm 


PRICE:  $325.

PRICE: $165 (Observer Only Q & A not included)

Plus $25 Admin Fee for each day of attendance (not per class).




Thomas Holm, a former advertising and commercial photographer living and working in Copenhagen, Denmark has nearly 100K followers on Instagram. Prior to specializing in beautiful art nudes, he made his living photographing a wide range of subjects for over 20 years.  In 2000, beginning to feel “freelance burnout”, he transitioned into being a top-rated color management expert, working for major companies in Denmark and beyond. He also began making his well-known fine art nudes which have become celebrated throughout Europe.

” I like to think I use my camera as a way to allow others to see what I see through my pictures. I’m obsessed with beauty and I’m striving to create pictures which are not only beautiful but are also interesting to view. I can’t help watching how light fall in various environments and especially on the human body. The variety is almost infinite and this is a factor I really like to work with in my pictures. But first and foremost I’m trying to tell a story with my images and infuse emotion.”


I highly recommend Thomas Holm’s Workshops to any photographer working with models. He has a unique attitude and is passionate about the subject he teaches. He gives out his knowledge freely, with enjoyment, which yields an amazing learning environment.” – Drasco

After this workshop I feel more confident and have a newfound clarity on the way I approach photography. Composition was the biggest revelation. A million lightbulbs went off in my head and it all suddenly made sense! Thomas’s approachability, honesty and eagerness to assist during the workshop were a standout feature. – JiÀhn

He is methodical and teaches and illustrates concepts and techniques regardless of your level. 
Each photographer then will learn by doing, working individually to achieve their own vision. Frequently he will offer personal guidance and injection of inspired details and finishing touches to help improve each image. – Jay